You never know when your number’s up!

About the Film

Genre: Comedy
MPAA Rating: PG-13 [expected]
RUN TIME: 95 mins.
LOCATION: New York City
BUDGET: $3,500,000

LOG LINE: When an OCD computer geek, determined to prove he can mathematically predict winning lottery results, uncovers his plan has been bankrolled by the Mob, he struggles to beat the odds before his number’s up.

THEME: Perception can be deceiving.

STATUS: Now Financing.  Seeking accredited investors for private equity.  The offering is an SEC Reg. D 506c compliant PPM.  The project is grandfathered in the federal film tax incentive 181, making the investment deductible against passive and certain other income in the year financing completes.  The film is also subject to the New York State Film Tax Rebate of 30%, estimated to be $500,000.  June and July 2019 there were two readings to packed audience’s delight.  The award-winning screenplay has recieved recognition from twenty-three festivals.  Investors should ultimate check with their advisers for the specifics on the tax benefits.

        • You never know when your number’s up
        • Every hero has his dork side
        • Odds to die for

Imagine a cross between:

Office Space +  The Big Bang Theory + The Sopranos = MegaBall$


An comedy feature film, written by Marc Baron ©;
developed by Oroloro Entertainment