You Never Know When Your Number’s Up!


A critical component of a successful film effort is its marketing campaign. While, granted, many distributors will take charge of marketing a film, it is incumbent upon the filmmaking team to do the same – and not wait until the film is completed. Marketing should start early on and we have working diligently to raise awareness of MegaBall$.

We have attracted the attention of bloggers and news sources who have begun writing about our project. In fact, Newsday, the 11th largest newspaper in America, not only published a feature article about us, it has asked to visit the set once filming begins. See News and Press.

This web site is frequently updated and among our postings are stories about the lottery itself. Lottery players represent 67.4% of the American population and are part of our audience!

MegaBall$ is listed on industry-based sites, including IMDB, Slated and Stage32. The sites are not just for filmmakers, but for investors, producers, distributors, etc….many following MegaBall$.

We have established a solid footprint online and in social media. Google “MegaBall$” and you’ll get over 11 pages of results. We continue to build our followers on Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Tumbler.

We have a direct mailing list with more than 4100 names…and the list grows weekly! Most are vetted as fans of the Mob genre, and a large percentage are from the European and Australian markets.

Richard Lustig, a seven-time lottery winner will play himself irichard-lustign a cameo early in the film. Richard conducts lectures around the world and is considered the leading expert on the lottery in America. He is frequently interviewed on talk shows and newscasts worldwide (often a returning guest). Richard has one of the most active websites regarding the lottery. He has begun promoting the project not only on his web site, but directly through his contact lists – tens of thousands of lottery players (part of our target audience), lottery store owners, news sources, fans and more…worldwide! Richard will be a significant ally once the film is completed in helping reach an audience.

Joe Cirillo, MegaBall$ producer, is a retired NYC policmant who belongs to numerous police associations, both local and national. Each of those associations have massive email list and have agreed to send emails about the project in order to help their fellow officer.

We have factored a solid marketing budget within our overbudget. Funds will be used for attending festivals and markets armed with promotional items and posters. Fund will also be used to run a few individual screenings in targeted areas, hire a social media expert to expand our campaigns, hire a sales rep, etc.

An independent comedy feature film by Oroloro Entertainment