You never know when your number’s up!


On June 10, 2019 we did  first reading/presentation of the MegaBall$ screenplay at The Lambs, America’s oldest professional theatrical organization in America, located at 3 West 51st Street in Manhattan.  We had several goals; 1) Hear the words read by professional actors to see what works or doesn’t, and what might need tweaking …  2) have an audience react  and … 3) present the project to potential backers and industry guests.  While we met these goals, we admit the reading gods were not working with us.

Heavy rains caused a helicopter to crash atop a building just two blocks away, creating a traffic nightmare all around, both on the streets and sidewalks.  News reports quickly got out and some who RSVP’d questioned if the reading was going on.  Thankfully, the actors were pros – everyone showed up on time.  Sadly, half of the audience did not make it in, including all the potential backers.  But, as they say, the show must go on, and it did for those brave and supportive folk – friends of the cast, those who donated toward the reading expenses, and members of The Lambs.  Among them was Veronica Lupu, a top-level film script supervisor who is part of our team, and our publicist, Jay MichaelsAlso present was Mike Reiss and his wife, Denise.  Just lovely people…Mike has been a writer on The Simpsons for 30 years, and it was a pleasure seeing him laugh at my jokes.

We had raised money from well wishers (see full list here) which helped offset the cost of reproducing scripts, programs, a lobby poster with the cast’s photos, refreshments, and stipends for the actors.  We also planned a few fun things, which included realistic $50 bills inside the programs which acted as raffle tickets, and lottery scratch-off tickets for all in attendance.  About six people won small amounts on the lotto tickets.  Three people won the raffles, which included an over-sized MegaBall$ mug, a canvas shopping tote and a mouse pad.


We were very pleased that the jokes went over and that the audience reacted at every spot we had hoped for.  We must give credit to our great cast who, with only one quick rehearsal, brought their characters to life. Our cast – some doubling up on roles – were (alphabetically): Jon Scott Freda, Joseph Gannascoli, Eren T. Gibson, Stuart Green, Bob Greenberg, Siraj Hude, Franie Keane, Dave Konig, Geoff Lee, Darren Levine, Frank Mancuso, Joseph Melendez, Jack Mulcahy, Ron Orlovsky, Giacomo Selloni, Deborah Stone, and Lin Tucci.  I must add…I find the hardest part of doing screenplay readings is finding someone who can read all of the direction/action in just the right way, to keep the audience’s attention while keeping the pacing up.  A big nod to Dave Konig for doing this difficult job perfectly! Read the cast bios HERE.

A heartfelt thanks to my readers! Our work continues – finding investors to move us into production, and continuing to build our team while growing our fan base.  We’re now looking into scheduling a second reading when, hopefully, no other helicopters crash! Below you may scroll through  an assortment of photographs courtesy of Jim Manley.   Read about our encore reading HERE.


An comedy feature film, written by Marc Baron ©; developed by Oroloro Entertainment