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Encore Reading

On July 23, 2019, we did an encore reading of our MegaBall$ screenplay. We knew we were off to a good start when no helicopter crashed! The encore presentation was held at The Player, a theater club located at Gramercy Park South in Manhattan. We recast a few roles to include members of The Players. We printed up 100 cast bio sheets and only had 10 left. The room was filled with friends, potential investors and Players.

And what a great audience. There were great reactions at every joke, plot twist and turn. At the end I asked the audience two questions: 1) Did you think the characters were in the Mob?… 2) Did the lead win the lottery?… Some hands raised in response to both, and my response was simply “Some of you are wrong,” leaving the ending up to the perception of the viewer.

It’s very clear that MegaBall$ has a future!

Many thanks to our great encore cast: Dave Bachman, David Copeland, Nick Fondulis, Jon Scott Freda, Eren T. Gibson, Bob Greenberg, Siraj Hude, Frankie Keane, Dave Konig, Joseph Melendez, David Paterson, Ron Orlovsky, Sarah-Ann Rodgers, Gus Rosendale, Giacomo Selloni, leslie Shreve, Steve Shoup and Kelvin Whui. The cast bio sheet can be read HERE. Also, thanks to Giacomo Selloni for sponsoring the event at The Players, and to The Players’ staff for their help, and to Gary Shapiro for checking people in.

Most importantly, meetings are coming with funding sources. Photos below courtesy of Cathy Lilly.


An comedy feature film, written by Marc Baron ©; developed by Oroloro Entertainment