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Seeking Investors

This is not an offering, just an overview of the investment in the film. The offering is a Private Placement Memorandum (PPM), compliant with SEC Regulation D Rile 506c. The offering is limited to accredited investors as defined by the SEC. PPM’s are available on request, numbered and tracked.

The budget for the film is $3.5 million (US); $3 million for production, $500k for marketing. 140 investors units are available, valued at $25,000 each. Minimum raise to break escrow is $2.9 million. ROI offered is 120% then a 50/50 split. A simple one-sheet may be download by clicking here.

Strategy and Risk

No one can predict the success of any given film, but films in general are not the bad investment many think. A NY Times articleHollywood Seems a Conservative Investmenttalks about how film is not considered high risk. With all the ways to sell a film and reach an audience – not just in theaters, but DVD/BluRay, VOD, Netflix, Hulu, Amazon, iTunes – filmmakers can create earnings long-term. Even when times are bad, entertainment thrives because people want to escape their woes and worries. To a large extent, the film industry has a small buffer against economic hard times as a result of this need to be entertained and distracted. A well-made film is not a local commodity that is just bought and sold, but it is a global phenomenon that has worldwide revenue potential from distribution including theatrical, cable, TV, satellite, airline, DVD, video-on-demand and streaming. Non-correlated investment strategies can be used by investors to neutralize, or counterbalance, the risk that one, or more, of the investments in a traditional portfolio of stocks and bonds falls in value. In order to do so, investors typically place between 5% and 20% of their total investment portfolio into alternative investments to protect the remainder from downside risk.

The Positive Side

MegaBall$ offers many strong points for film investors. It’s a high-concept comedy with an expected MPAA rating of PG-13 and strong commercial appeal. Geeks are popular – several hit shows on TV are about geeks, including Big Bang TheoryScorpion and Silcon Valley. The Mob genre has been popular for over 70 years. Look at the success of The Godfather and The SopranosMegaBall$ combines both genres along with the fascination of the lottery. The revenue projections are positive…and the investment may be tax deductible (see tax benefits here).

All potential investors should review the project with their personal advisers. Our lawyer will explain the tax benefit options on request. Please fill in the form below with any questions about the investment into this film.

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