You never know when your number’s up!

Story Origin

Originally envisioned as a short film, the idea came to me entering a subway station and seeing a sign noting the current lottery jackpot totals.  After a discussion of the story at Oroloro Entertainment, notes were ‘back-burnered’ while other projects were being developed.  About a year later my aging mother took ill and I was spending a great of time overseeing her care, commuting from New York to Florida and staying in her apartment.  I found the situation stressful and, at times, depressing.  I decided I would make good use of my time ‘escaping’ into the world of comedy and began working on the screenplay.  After a week I had 80 pages and realized there was a bigger story here.  After reading the raw draft, Oroloro film partner, Joe Cirillo, encouraged me to continue developing the story.  After a few re-writes later, we agreed to move MegaBall$ into development.

I’ve also been asked about the mathematical references in the script – whether they were real or accurate. Well, they are. I did the research then located several people with higher education in complex math and asked them to read the passages to see if they were correct. Bearing in mind it’s a comedy, but the references should be correct. I was given one small correction. One dialogue moment is intended to be double-speak, and was told that it’s perfect.

The response from friends and industry people has been tremendous.  Numerous staff members of SAG-AFTRA, fellow filmmakers and actor-friends all agreed this was a solid project.  We were able to reach out to experienced filmmakers, who all joined our team based on the quality of the script. And our two recent readings to an audience showed us exactly how well the story, dialogue, jokes and characters work.   – Marc Baron (screenwriter)

Watch a video: Story of the Story


An comedy feature film, written by Marc Baron ©; developed by Oroloro Entertainment