Accolades and Laurels

The script has been doing well in competitions, with 21 laurels. Well, actually 20, one contest – Screenplay Comedy – we placed twice, 2015 & 1026, but only count it  as one laurel. Our newest laurel is from the Filmmakers International Screenwriting Awards, which is on going, where we are a finalist. Of 1422 submissions MegaBall$ is now in the top-50. We’re waiting on the final reports for overall placement, and placement in the comedy category.

Our first entry was for a development grant for films with stories based in math or science known as the Sloan Grants and conducted by the Tribeca Film Institute. Even though we were encouraged by a TFI executive, we knew as a comedy our chances were low. We were not awarded a grant. However, we did recieve an email from the judging panel telling us much they liked the script and believed it to be a commercial property and strong contender. We are considering entering Sloan again. You may some quotes HERE.


One issue we had with many script competitions is they don’t separate genre, so a comedy is pitted against a drama is against a sci-fi thriller, etc. We focused on those that have a separate category for comedy. We then entered into the SlamDance Screenplay Competition, which included feedback from the readers. The notes were overall very positive, and offered a few very helpful pointers, which we used to continue refining the script. We did the same with the Comedy Screenplay Competition. In most competitions there were many hundreds of submissions.

2015 Screencraft Comedy Screenplay Competition, considered one of the top 15 inter-national contests. We placed in the semi-finals: of 1,260 entries we ranked in the top 10%; placed again in 2016.

2016 WorldSeries Screenwriting Competition…we’re very pleased at being named a finalist: of 500 entries, we ranked in the top-10 comedies.

During Sundance 2017, MegaBall$ was honored with second place in the Film Utah Pitch Contest and awarded $500. Additionally, two panel judges – a distributor and a financier – have requested the script. (Judges later confided it was more of a tie for first place…).

The 2018 Filmmakers International Screenwriting Awards recieved over 1,400 submissions and we made the first round, then moved up to the quarter-finals. The FISA contest have not yet finished. Th Back in the Box Competition (Top-10 comedy) gives us an introduction to a film production company, and an invitation to an event in Sundance 2019.

MegaBall$ won the Monthly Film Festival and are in it’s annual drawing, and the same for the BlueStar Competition. There are several competitions still in progress and we’ll post the results. Clearly, the script is solid and people “get it.” You can read quotes from people who have read the screenplay by clicking HERE. Here are my thoughts on screenplay contests & festivals.

written by Marc Baron Copyright © ; Registered WGA East

Story Origin

Originally envisioned as a short film, the idea came to me entering a subway station and seeing a sgin noting the current lottery jackpot totals.  After a discussion of the story at Oroloro Entertainment, notes were ‘back-burnered’ while other projects were being developed.  About a year later my aging mother took ill and I was spending a great of time overseeing her care, commuting from New York to Florida and staying in her apartment.  I found the situation stressful and, at times, depressing.  I decided I would make good use of my time ‘escaping’ into the world of comedy and began working on the screenplay.  After a week I had 80 pages and realized there was a bigger story here.  After reading the raw draft, Oroloro film partner, Joe Cirillo, encouraged me to continue developing the story.  After a few re-writes later, we agreed to move MegaBall$ into development.
        I’ve also been asked about the mathematical references in the script – whether they were real or accurate. Well, they are. I did the research then located several people with higher education in complex math and asked them to read the passages to see if they were correct. Bearing in mind it’s a comedy, but the references should be correct. I was given one small correction. One dialogue moment is intended to be double-speak, and was told that it’s perfect.
       The response from friends and industry people has been tremendous.  Numerous staff members of SAG-AFTRA, fellow filmmakers and actor-friends all agreed this was a solid project.  We were able to reach out to experienced filmmakers, who all joined our team based on the quality of the script.”   – Marc Baron

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