sundanceIt’s official – Oroloro partners, Joe Cirillo and Marc Baron, will be taking our MegaBall$ to the Sundance Film Festival in Jan 2017.

At the recommendation of our new film lawyer and co-executive producer, Corky Kessler, we’ll join him and a other clients at Sundance Jan 21st to the 25th. In addition to experiencing Sundance for the first time, this will give us some  great networking opportunities. As we did at the Toronto Film Fest, we’ll use this trip as a chance to promote the development of our comedy feature, while attending panel events on indie film. Corky has already set up three-days’ of events for us to attend, with more on the way. We also hope to attend one of the SAG-AFTRA brunches.

If you’ll be in Sundance give us a shout out! Unlike Toronto, this time we’ve planned far enough in advance to begin to reach out to sales reps, distributors (and others) and try to set up a few meet and greets. Accommodations are booked, air travel all set – we’re on the way!

Between now until then – just 92 days – our project will go live on Opening Night Capital (ONC), an investment portal design primarily for Broadway and Off-Broadway plays – and the first such portal to go live under the new SEC rules. The producer/owner liked MegaBall$ so much that they wish to help us and list our film as well. ONC has a public side and private side, and a mailing list of 100’s of accredited investors experienced in angel investments. Our legal reboot this summer makes our offering SEC Rule 506c compliant, and allows us to publicly promote the project investors as, limiting us to accredited investors only. When ONC launches (very soon!) they – and the producers of the 1st three listed projects – will do a coordinated press release. To read more about our investment opportunity, CLICK HERE.

We hope you follow our journey – on social media or through our mailing list.