We’re very pleased to welcome Twisted Media NYC a co-producers to our MegaBall$ team:

James Dalton, the CEO and Founder of Twisted Media NYC, has a unique and wide reaching skill set within the creative genre. His skills encompass writing, producing and directing of multiple shows currently under development within the Twisted Media NYC & Entermedia Brands. With ten years in the industry, his skills are honed to create and develop exactly what a client requires and beyond.

John Harrison, founder and President of Twisted Media NYC, has 20 years of business experience ranging from project management, contract administration and negotiations, to sports consulting. He has been involved in the entertainment, media and sports industry, including co-founding Twisted Media NYC. His many high-level contacts in these industries have been the catalyst for Twisted Media NYC and their ability to merge with multiple partners. John has been able to create imaginative and innovative solutions for his clients while not being bound by the constraints of his industry or field.

John “Jb” Bruno, previously listed as our production manager, is also part of Twisted Media NYC and is now credited as a producer of MegaBall$.

We’re excited about what Twisted Media NYC brings to our efforts!