It’s official! Oroloro (Joe Cirillo and Marc Baron) will be attending the 2016 Toronto Film Festival. We have been asked to speak on a panel event along with our new project lawyer and co-executive producer, Corky Kessler. This gives us the perfect opportunity to launch the reboot of our efforts to make MegaBall$…and some terrific opportunities to network with people that can thrust the project forward.

MegaBall$ is rebooting all its legal work and raising the budget to $1.5 million. Our offering will be SEC Rule 506c compliant, and the project listing on various sites promoting indie film. We’ve update the film logo, will be updating our website and all of our promotional materials. Please follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn and other social media. We’ll make frequent posts from Toronto!

Our slightly revised logo, above, features an orange ball – something referenced in the storyline and an homage to The Godfather.