One of the themes in our screenplay is about the odds of winning a lottery. In fact, it’s one characters catch phrases, “What are the odds?. The answer is – they’re huge. Here are how the four big games break down by the odds being the grand prize winner:

MEGAMILLION: 258,890,850 to 1

POWERBALL:  175,223,510 to 1

LOTTO: 22,528,737 to 1

TAKE 5: 575,757 to 1

Since the numbers are pulled totally at random, there is no way to specifically increase your adds except by playing more combinations. And, since it’s totally random, there more overall tickets purchased the greater the odds are of sharing that prize with another winner.

By comparison, you have a better chance of being hit by lightning while being eaten by a shark. You have a better chance of being killed on the way to buying the ticket than of winning the ticket. And, if your potential investor, you have a significantly better chance of making a profit by putting your money in our film ….